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talda 07/03/2023

66th Independence Day Celebration

Today in history marks the 66th Independence Day Celebration when Ghana became the first Country in sub-Saharan African to gain Independence from the imperialist colonial rule.  It was on this historic day that our country was declared Independent signifying the end of colonial rule. In commemoration of this day, it is important we remind ourselves the efforts of our forbearers whose toils and sacrifices has brought us this great relief from colonial exploitation.

The District Coordinating Director (DCD) Mr. Clifford Baba Atanga read the speech on behalf of the District Chief Executive (DCE) Hon. Thomas Pearson Duanab Wuni to commemorate the 66th Independence Day celebration at St. Theresa Primary School Park, Tongo. in the Talensi District of the Upper East Region on Monday, March 6 2023


Mr. Chairman, before I proceed, I wish to cease this opportunity and thank our revered chiefs, traditional leaders, heads of departments and other key stakeholders who have taken time of their busy schedules to honor this occasion.


Mr. Chairman, Distinguished Invited Guests, the theme for the 66th Independence Anniversary Day Celebration is “Our Unity! Our Strength! Our Purpose”. I consider this as refreshing as it seeks to reinforce the need for us to live together as one people with a common destiny with a unity of purpose. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to demonstrate to the world that, despite our cultural, religious and political differences among others, we are one people with a common purpose to advance our country’s development.  It is worth mentioning that the Independence of Ghana will be meaningless if we as citizens do not live in peace and unity with one another. As the saying goes ‘Unity is Strength’.

Mr. Chairman, we must admit that the development of the district is a collective responsibility and all hands must be on deck to achieve the dream of a better and prosperous District. We must consciously pursue a common agenda that will inure to the development of the district as one people with a common destiny for the current and unborn generations. As people with common background we must find a common ground to solve all our differences and give peace a chance to flourish in the district for without peace there cannot be development.


Mr. Chairman, with your kind permission, I will like to take a look at some issues which affect the youth and requires the active participation of all stakeholders so that together we can proffer an amicable solution to the menace.



Mr. Chairman, Distinguished Invited Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is sad to inform you that, for the period 2019, 2020 and 2021, the Talensi District Assembly scored below 50% in the BECE examination which is very worrying.

To address this, a committee was formed with the task of finding out the causes of the falling standards of education in the District. The Committee among other recommendations, recommended an awards scheme for students who excelled in the BECE examinations to serve as challenge for others to take their studies seriously. As part of today’s activities, some deserving students will be honored for excelling in the 2022 Basic Education Certificate Examination.


Mr. Chairman, apart from the infrastructure and other logistics support provided to the Ghana Education Service, the Assembly also procured mathematical sets and organized standard mock examination for the 2022 BECE candidates aimed at improving the performance of pupils.


Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish to make a personal pledge that, any pupil in the Talensi District who get aggregate 6-9 in the BECE examination, will be awarded with a brand new laptop and other educational materials. This challenge is thrown to both boys and girls in private and public schools in the district.

Youth in galamsey

Mr. Chairman, Distinguished Invited Guests, one of the major issues affecting the youth in the Talensi District is galamsey. It is an undeniable fact that most of the youth especially those of school going age have abandoned the schools to engage in galamsey. This desire for quick money by the youth has driven them out of schools to engage in galamsey activities. I wish to appeal to all stakeholders as a matter of urgency to collectively take necessary steps to address the situation to save the future of the youth. I will also like to make a passionate appeal to parents to play their roles effectively to curtail pupils from abandoning school for galamsey activities which is risky.


Teenage pregnancy and early marriage

Mr. Chairman, another problem confronting the youth in the district is the rise in teenage pregnancy and early marriage especially among school girls. It is very common to see children within the ages of 13-18 being pregnant. In the year 2022 alone, about 21 pupils got pregnant whiles 10 got married which is worrying. The current rate of teenage pregnancy in the Talensi District stands at 21% which is quite high. It is disheartening to know that, most of these pupils especially the girls are unable to return to school thereby ending their educational career abruptly. I wish to call on community leaders especially Chiefs, traditional leaders and Assembly Members to assist the relevant institutions to bring the situation under control for the betterment of our children.


Ladies and gentlemen, we must bear in mind that we cannot expect good results from our wards if the teachers are not dedicated and committed to their duty. In this regard, I wish to appeal to all our teachers to continue to put up their best to improve effective teaching and learning. Having said this, you the pupils must also show respect to the teachers who are trying their outmost best to impart the requisite knowledge and skills to you.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish to thank the District Director of Education and staff and to appeal to them to embark on vigorous monitoring and supervision in schools to ensure that both teachers and learners play their respective roles to improve teaching and learning in our schools.

Finally, I wish to thank the planning committee for making this programme a successfully one.


On this note, I thank all the students here gathered, the security agencies and all other identifiable groups for taken time off their busy schedules to participate in the 66th Independence Day Anniversary.


Long Live Talensi District


Long Live Ghana Our Beloved Country


Thank you.


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