Industrial Activities

There are few well established industries in the district. Manufacturing activities are mostly carried out around the Winkogo Area Council, where factories are in operation and Sheaga-Tindongo  and Tongo Area Councils were (extractive activities) small scale mining and quarrying activities are carried out respectively.  There are notably four industries in the district namely, Cotton Ginnery, Northern Star Tomato Factory, Stone, Granite and Marble Quarries.

Another sector that has established artisanal production units is the small-scale mining area. The table below show the distributions of industrial concerns according to area councils.


Investment Potentials

Potentials for private investment exist in the following areas:

  • Medium to large scale crop production (Rice, Soya bean, Maize, Groundnuts,)
  • Production of export crops (Mango, Cotton)
  • Production of industrial raw material (Mango, Cotton, Tomatoes, Soya bean, Cashew, Kapaala)
  • Medium to large Scale poultry and livestock production (Small ruminant, Cattle, Guinea fowl, Turkeys)
  • Agro-processing (Shea butter, Groundnuts, Soya bean Oil and Cake)
  • Provision of Services such as Mechanization
  • Aquaculture
  • Apiculture
  • Irrigation Agriculture
  • Bamboo cultivation which has just been introduced by SLWMP if promoted could serve to protect the buffer zone of the White Volta in communities along it and also provide wood for construction and as a source income to producers