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talda 25/07/2023

Bolgatanga Municipal, Talensi and Bolgatanga East Districts in the Upper East Region are partnering with Madamfo Ghana Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation to fight climate change in the region.

The NGO has supplied over twenty-one thousand mangoes, cashew and acacia seedlings to these districts for plantation.

According to Madamfo Ghana, deforestation is the cause of natural disasters like floods and drought in the Upper East Region while climate change leads to higher temperatures and more erratic rainfalls.

As a result, flooding and drought are becoming increasingly severe and frequent across the country. Madamfo Ghana Foundation has therefore appreciated the need to encourage and support the people who depend on the natural resource base for their livelihoods. The Deputy Country Director of the Foundation Mr Enoch Sunday Attipoe explained.

“In this part of the country, it’s very warm. We want to give these trees so that the place can be a bit cooler. The more we plant trees, the rainfall pattern can also change in the future.”

To ensure the impact lasts long after planting the seedlings, the beneficiaries agreed to set up forest management associations, through which the local men and women will work together to collectively grow these trees. The District Chief Executive for Bolgatanga East David Akologo Amoah received the donation with a kind heart and urged the schoolchildren and community members to “ensure that all the trees survive which will be used to restore the forest landscape in the local area.”

Other beneficiary Districts include the Bongo, Nabdam, and Kasena Nankana Municipal.


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