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talda 26/11/2018

Talensi District Assembly makes second disbursement of Disability Fund

The District Chief Executive (DCE) of Talensi in the Upper East Region, Dr. Christopher Sormiteyema Boatbil has vowed to protect funds belonging to Persons with Disability (PWD’s) in his district.

Dr. Boatbil made the pronouncement in town’s district assembly hall on Friday, during the disbursements of Sixty three Thousand, Four hundred and seventy five Ghana cedis (Ghc 63,475.00) to 57 persons with from across the Talensi district.

In a speech to beneficiaries and leaders of persons with disability present at the disbursement programme, Dr. Boatbil stressed that there will be no room for able persons to take advantage of those with disability, a move which will go against the fund’s objective of  improving the livelihood of persons with disability.

Let me emphasize here, that any able person or persons who want to take undue advantage to benefit from the disabled fund will not go unpunished. We as an assembly, this time round, will also through your executive take key interest in ensuring that the money we are to distribute to you today and in the future is appropriately utilized.

He further indicated, the care the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and President Akuffo Addo have for persons with disability is the reason for the increased in percentage of the fund from 2 to 3 percent in 2017.

He admonished beneficiaries to use the fund in a better venture.

Meanwhile, the Talensi district President for Persons With Disability, Na-Oni Solomon Baziembil expressed his excitement with some of the new developments seen in PWD’s common fund in recent times.

According Solomon, politicians and their colleagues have taken advantage of them in the past years. He prayed it does not happen with the opening of a separate account specifically for the PWD fund.

He advised his colleague beneficiaries not to spend their monies on pito or engage in some other useless ventures. He advised that monies should be used for profitable businesses which will bring the needed change for a better life.

Mr. David Ania, Regional president of the Ghana Federation of the Disability (GFD) who was present to witness the disbursement, also added his words of advice to beneficiaries.

Use the money according to the purpose in which you asked the money for, if you take the money today and next week and the committee come to you and you told them you use it for your child sickness or medication, that one is not our business, we will not take it. The agreement we are having with you today, is that you want to set up a business and we want to come and see that business in your house or where ever the location is, because we will not entertain excuses and when you misused the fund, we will have no other option than to report you to the police.

He warned that any beneficiary who misuses the assistance will not have the opportunity of benefiting from it till infinity.

Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen||Ghana

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