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talda 07/03/2022

Talensi DCE launches monthly clean-up exercise

As part of efforts to ensure a safe and clean environment for locals of the Talensi District in the Upper East Region, the Chief Executive for the area, Thomas Wuni Pearson has instituted a clean-up exercise. The exercise is expected to take place on the last Friday of every month.

Mr. Wuni made this revelation when he spoke at the 65th Independence Day Celebration in Tongo.

According to him, it is mandatory for every citizen to begin to abide by the directive to ensure a clean environment and also help curb sanitation-related diseases in the District and the region as a whole.

He explained that it has become necessary that, the Assembly takes such bold step to fight filth and plastics in the District which has been a very disturbing issue recently.

He stated, “the Assembly has instituted a monthly clean-up exercise which comes of the last Friday of every month, the exercise is to be carried out from 6 am to 9 am in all communities across the District”.

“I am using this platform to announce to you that the clean-up exercise is compulsory for all residents of this District and so should we take note and observe it accordingly” he stressed.

He, therefore, appealed to the District Education Directorate in the District to inculcate to incorporate the sanitation exercise in the various schools to ensure a filth-free environment to enhance teaching and learning.|101.1 MHz|Kennedy Zongbil|Bolgatanga|Ghana

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